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Opening Quotation MarkMy agenda for myself was to answer some big questions. What should I do with the rest of my life? How could I heal the deep hurt of all that loss? I knew on some level that these questions probably would not be directly answered but I trusted that I would find something helpful in the experience. I am still amazed at the answers I got. The experience is so personal and so intenal that it is difficult to find words to describe it. Closing Quotation Mark
Big Wood Pond Participant

Program costs

Our commitment at Two Roads Maine is to do our best to make it financially possible to participate in a program for all who are interested. Many of the individuals who accompany us into the wilds, because of the nature of their illness or life situations, have little or no capacity to pay. TRM is an intentionally small program that is dedicated to working intimately in small groups. We have very limited resources, and while we want to be as generous as is possible, we, in turn, are dependent on the generosity of so many others to be able to continue to do this work that we love. How does one set a value on an experience that has the potential to transform one’s life? How much might it be worth to find what has been lost, to recover hope, or meaning, or love, or the deep appreciation of being alive? The challenge of setting prices on experiences like these is a difficult, if not impossible, one. In a certain sense, there is no way to charge what it is worth. And, of course, something will (and should) always feel amiss in charging anything for what is the essence of what we should be providing one another in the ordinary way of human friendship. While there is much for which we cannot and will never charge, there are necessary and direct costs for operating a business in this world. We are trying to be as creative as we can in sharing these costs, in order to be able to continue to offer what has so much meaning to us: these simple programs that nourish life deeply.

To this extent, we have settled on three levels of payment for a program participant: full price, half price, and scholarship. We acknowledge the relationship of generosity within which Two Roads Maine exists and upon which it continues to depend. If this relationship cannot be sustained, then we cannot continue to operate our programs. In this symbiotic way, we feel it is important for the dignity and well-being of everyone that they give what they can genuinely afford to give toward the costs of their participation. We ask no more, and no less, of our participants than we ask of ourselves, and we deeply appreciate the grace that allows us to offer our hearts to the world in this way. Please feel free to contact us with more questions.

Program costs are supported, in part, by the Patrice d’Assignies Memorial Fund.

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