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Two Roads supports people at those critical crossroads, when they must make choices about new directions involving their health and well-being, by providing opportunities to enter and experience the natural world. In The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost (the origin of the name Two Roads), he describes in poetic terms a classic juncture that we all experience, perhaps several times in a life fortunate enough to keep us evolving and maturing. It is a place where a clear choice must be made, a location where one feels "diverged" - confused and perhaps struggling with a crisis that is manifesting systemically - in body, mind or soul - or possibly all three at once!

When we abandon our relationship with nature, we lose sight of this place of wisdom and inspiration - which, after all, is our collective heritage. For those with a life threatening illness, for those seeking to re-connect with a fundamental sense of well-being, nature provides its age old remedies. We learn what it means to find direction and true health by re-engaging our world, by taking responsibility for our relationship with life, and by seeing the many ways that nature heals itself: moment to moment, day to day, season to season, life cycle to life cycle.


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